Is it vodka?

No, it is not vodka! To produce moonshine the technology of distillation is used that fundamentally differs from the technology of vodka. Distillation is an older and more expensive technology.

“Kosogoroff’s Moonshine №5” is manufactured after a classic technology of distilling of the new grape wine. As the result of double distillation and the following blending we receive an unrepeatable taste and a unique saturated aroma of moonshine with strength of 40 “turns”. Using this technology are produced such legendary and popular all around the world drinks as grappa, whiskey, tequila, rum and so on.

The equipment for distillation is produced from copper by the Swiss company ArnoldHolstein. It allows catalyzing the production of substances, which formulate the aroma.

Who is Kosogoroff?

Kosogoroff is a soldier that has gone through the Russian-Turkish War of the 1877-1878.

After the war he has produced the classic grape moonshine of very high quality.

In the modern times we succeeded in finding by miracle preserved unique composition and in the year 2003 resumed the production of the legendary drink.

In 2012, mostly thanks to the perseverance of the Kosogoroff’s descendants, who have once emigrated from Russia to Europe, we started to widen the geography, to enable a person appreciating the quality to purchase and deservedly evaluate the unrepeatable taste and the unique saturated aroma of “Kosogoroff’s Moonshine №5”.

In 2013 we have chosen our path in Europe.

How to drink moonshine?

It is recommended to drink “Kosogoroff’s Moonshine №5” at room temperature and from a specialized glass – it is something between the vodka glass and the tulip glass.

This type of glass is able to convey precisely the saturation of aroma and taste. However, the traditional glass will be appreciated. Many people enjoy it pure after the meal or during the change of dishes. Also, it is not swallowed in a gulp as vodka. You should agree that if You pay for a drink with the grape aroma, it would be good to enjoy this aroma.

For those, who does not enjoy strong drinks, pure moonshine might be disliked! This is the reason for developing of a row of tasty cocktails.

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The grape aroma makes “Kosogoroff’s Moonshine №5” an ideal basic ingredient for different cocktails.

We offer some of them for Your attention:

  • Kosogoroff – hot quince


    40 ml of “Kosogoroff’s Moonshine №5”
    60 ml of quince syrup
    10 ml of honey
    100 ml of hot water


    A spring of thyme
    All ingredients have to me mixed and heated up in a casserole. To be served in a heat-resistant glass mug (in a glass for Irish coffee). To be decorated with a spring of thyme.
  • Ksogoroff – Peach


    40 ml of “Kosogoroff’s Moonshine №5”
    20 ml of peach syrup
    20 ml of light rum
    15 ml of lime juice


    Caramelized quarter of lime
    All ingredients should be mixed in a shaker with ice, flipped well and poured in a cooled cocktail glass (Martini glass). To be decorated with a caramelized quarter of lime.
  • Kosogoroff – grape-ginger


    40 ml of “Kosogoroff’s Moonshine №5”
    4 pieces of green grapes
    200 ml of “Ginger Ale”


    Leaves of pineapple and mint
    The grapes and the “Kosogoroff’s Moonshine №5” has to be mixed in a shaker with ice cubes and to be jarred. Next, it should be poured into the highball glass on the ice cubes. „Ginger Ale” to be added to the drink and the cocktail has to be decorated with pineapple and mint leaves.
  • Kosogoroff – Spice


    40 ml of “Kosogoroff’s Moonshine №5”
    100 ml of “Spice Monin” syrup
    30 ml of the liquor “Cointreau”
    5 ml of the lemon juice
    10 ml of the sugar syrup


    Chili peppers
    All ingredients should be mixed in a shaker with ice, well jarred and poured into a cooled cocktail glass (Martini glass). To be decorated with the Chili peppers.
We heartily thank the Restaurant Riviera for the development of unique cocktails on the base of Kosogoroff’s moonshine and wish to stay responsive, trendy and always open to their customers.

Where to buy?

Kosogoroff B2C (business to customer)

To buy “Kosogoroff’s Moonshine №5” for private use at home, with friends or at the holiday table we offer You to visit our shop/office.

Print the card “My Choice” and receive an additional discount, specified on the card.

At site You can receive the detailed information about the product, as well as taste the drink before purchasing it.

It is important to us that “Kosogoroff’s Moonshine №5” corresponds to Your wishes, expectations and taste.

Preliminary orders can be performed via telephone +371 25 916 445.

Kosogoroff’s B2B (business to business)

Our partners will deliver “Kosogoroff’s Moonshine №5” with great pleasure in accordance with conditions of Your contract with us and the conformed delivery schedule.

Preliminary orders can be performed via telephone +371 25 916 445.

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